Tips to Save Money on Textbooks

For many college students, one experience that is shared is the price of textbooks.

According to Mark Perry writing for, the price of textbooks have increased by 90% between January 1998 and July 2016. These prices may seem overwhelming, however, with a few tips and tricks, it is possible to save money while shopping for your textbooks.

An excellent way to start on the path to this goal is to wait until classes commence or email professors beforehand to ask about book usage in the class. This is helpful because some classes do not rely heavily on the textbook. Others may only require it for a certain portion of the class.

Simply inquiring about this information can allow extra time to purchase textbooks. At times they may not even need to be purchased at all. It is even possible that an older, cheaper version of the same textbook will work for the class.

After gathering information regarding required textbooks, one must then order them. When it comes to this step, many options exist. The first being to purchase them from the campus bookstore, but be aware.  UA student Nikki Thompson said, “It’s worse when you buy from the University.” However, a student may rent a book from The University of Akron bookstore for the duration of the semester. This will often result in a smaller bill for the student.

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